Why Scissorfix?

Scissorfix is Irelands premier scissor sharpening service.

We operate on an in salon and postal basis, if we can't call to your salon, simply send your scissors to us and our sharpening technician will restore them to perfect working order.

We specialise in the sharpening and maintenance of both Japanese style convex and German style bevel edge hairdressing scissors. Even if your scissors have been incorrectly sharpened in the past, in most cases we can re-establish a perfect cutting edge. Simply, our aim is to restore your scissors to perfect cutting condition.
We also stock a range of top quality precision scissors, both right and left handed, in a size to suit you.

Our service-
-    Disassemble and cleaning
-    angle set and convexing
-    sharpening and polishing
-    reassembly and balancing
-    setting and testing