The Daimyo range of scissors provides exceptional quality at affordable price. The Dx, Akai, Z, and Tora models are fabricated from 440C stainless steel, which provides outstanding sharpness and edge lifespan, while the Nakamura and Sarko models are forged from Hitachi Super Gold cobalt alloy, a superior grade steel providing a razor sharp, long lasting edge.

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  • Akai

    The Akai model is striking in apperance with an offset handle with a detachable finger res...
  • D-Cirque

    The D-Cirque, with its attractive centre colourings, offers performance and style at a val...
  • DX-XL

    The DX-XL offers the offset handle and integrated thumb rest of the DX model, but is const...
  • J-DX

    The J-DX is a striking scissor which couples premium cutting performance with exceptional ...
  • K-LX

    The K-LX V-10 cobalt scissor offers top class cutting performance with distinctive looks. ...
  • Katsu

    The Katsu model is fabricated from 440C steel ensuring a perfect, long lasting cutting edg...
  • Katsu Elite

    Katsu Elite
    The Katsu elite's cobalt steel construction ensures a perfectly sharp cutting edge which w...
  • Nakamura

    The Nakamura model is a superior scissor forged from cobalt steel, giving an exceptional c...

    Regular Price: €350.00

    Special Price: €250.00

  • Sakana

    The Sakana is a distinctive cobalt steel scissor providing a razor sharp cutting action. <...

Items 1 to 9 of 12 total

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