New Scissors
At Scissorfix, we realise that hairdressing scissors have their natural lifespan. Proper sharpening can prolong the life of the scissors, but sooner or later the stylist will need to replace their old pair with new scissors. Provided the old scissors have provided the stylist with a long and trouble free working life, there should be little stress for the stylist in choosing a new pair. However this is not the case in many instances and the stylist who has had trouble with their scissors in the past can find choosing a new pair a confusing and worrying process. At Scissorfix, our mission is to provide a smooth selection and buying process which will provide the customer with a perfectly suited pair of scissors at the best possible price. In our experience, the key factor in value for money in hairdressing scissors lies in the quality of steel the scissors are made from. Although scissors made from quality steels, for example C440 grade and above may appear more expensive than other models, the investment in higher quality materials will easily repay the stylist in the medium to long term, with the scissors retaining a sharp edge for longer, being smoother to use, and facilitating more sharpenings than poorer grade scissors. At Scissorfix, you can be assured that our new scissors are made from the best grades of steels available. While the quality of scissors is a vital checkpoint in choosing a new pair, at Scissorfix we know that it is important for the stylist to have a good feel for the new scissors. We provide an extensive range of styles, sizes and types of scissors to ensure that the stylist can find their most personally suitable match. We understand that this process may involve some trial and error, so we are happy to provide a try out period and returns service on all our new hairdresssing scissors, to ensure the stylist is content with his or her final choice.