Scissor Sharpening
At Scissorfix, we are committed to providing the best hairdressing scissor sharpening service in Ireland. Our highly trained staff utilising dedicated scissor sharpening technology aim to restore your blunt scissors to the pristine sharpness of the day they were bought. Our sharpening system revolves around replicating the sharpening systems used in Japanese factories, by the finest craftsmen around. Using progressively finer grit sharpening pads ensure that a truly sharp edge is place, and all traces of nicks or damage have been removed. A 6000 grit water stone is then used to clean the ride line of the scissors before they are polished to a mirror finish. The scissors are then tested for sharpness, and the tension adjusted to the correct levels. The stylist will then have a pair of scissors which will cut like new. We realise that buying a quality pair of hairdressing scissors represents a significant monetary investment for the hair stylist. The most vital role in protecting this investment is by utilising correct sharpening techniques, as incorrect sharpening can cause irreversible damage, or at best severely reduce the working life of the scissors. Indeed, while visiting the salons of Ireland, we routinely encounter disillusioned stylists who have had their scissors damaged by incorrect sharpening in the past. By using the correct techniques, common problems such as over heating the steel causing a loss in metal temper, and sharpening an incorrect angle on the blade, can be avoided. At Scissorfix, you can be assured that your hairdressing scissors will receive the professional care required, by personnel trained in scissor sharpening who are easily contacted either by calling directly to your salon throughout Ireland, or by postal service.