Q. My scissors don’t work properly after being dropped. Can they be repaired?
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In most cases professional sharpening can restore your scissors. However, in the event that we are unable to repair them, they will be returned to you along with your fee.
  Q. How often should my scissors be sharpened?
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Scissors should be sharpened on average between 4-6 mths. This equates to between 600-700 cuts, however several variables will affect this estimate. For example, cutting dry hair is much harder on scissors than wet hair, lower quality scissors are made from lower quality steel which do not hold an edge as long, etc. Frequent sharpening however will prolong the life of the scissors as less metal will need to be removed and the scissors will be easier to work with. In general, if you find your scissors pulling, or catching the hair, particularly at the tips, or if they have been dropped, then they need to be looked at.
  Q. How many times can they be sharpened?
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The key to this lies in the method of sharpening. A quality sharpener using a quality sharpening system such as the Hira-to remove only the minimum steel required for a restored edge, lesser quality systems can both remove too much steel and overheat the scissors making the steel brittle. Also the better the quality of the steel in the scissors, the longer the edge will remain sharp. Good quality scissors sharpened by us should be able to be sharpened 5-7 times, but in many cases more.
  Q. How can I extend the life of my scissors?
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- Several easy steps can significantly improve the life and pleasure you receive from your scissors - Clean and oil them regularly. This keeps hairs off the blade and more importantly, away from the screw. - Check and adjust the tension regularly. Having the correct tension will reduce stress on your wrist and help with smooth cutting. - Keep them sharp!
  Q. How long will it take to service my scissors in salon?
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All work should be done within 25 mins. However we can supply you with a pair to use while sharpening is done.
  Q. Why buy a new pair of scissors from Scissorfix?
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We supply only the finest in hairdressing scissors, sourced from around the world. As we realise it can take time to get used to new scissors, we have a 7 day refund or replacement on goods you are not satisfied with. We can be contacted for advice at anytime. We offer free post on orders over £100 or 100 Euros. We offer free sharpening for the life of the scissors with proof of purchase. This usually equates to 5-7 sharpenings depending on the scissor condition.