The value of sharpness

You may have heard the saying that tools doesn’t make the tradesman. In many cases this adage contains a lot of truth. The best pair of hairdressing scissors in the world cannot make a trainee into the best stylist in the world. However, correctly sharpened scissors will greatly improve your hairdressing skills and provide a far more pleasant styling experience for both the stylist and the customer. Sharp scissors slice cleanly through hair reducing pulling and are crucial for many of today’s cutting techniques. I have found it invariably true on my experiences that the best stylists are the ones who maintain the best possible levels of sharpness in their scissors, a fact which can surely not be a coincidence.
In a previous career, I spent a lot of time working with wood. No matter what the task, from large scale roofing projects to delicate indoor finish work, the work was always easier, and more importantly far neater when the tools used were brand new or had a cutting edge maintained to an as new condition. Although it might be believed that wood constitutes a more demanding medium with which to work than hair, this is not necessarily the case. Human hair is one of the strongest fibres on the planet, with an equivalent strength to aluminium or Kevlar, which is used in the manufacture of bulletproof vests. A single strand of hair is as difficult to cut or break as an equivalent strand of copper wire. In fact, the high tensile strength of hair means a full head of hair could carry the weight of 20 tonnes, which clarifies just how Rapunzel was able to swing around on her hair in Disney’s Tangled!
Illustrating this relative strength of human hair makes it clear the stresses and forces that are in action every time a pair of hairdressing scissors are closed to complete a cut. The value of correctly sharpened scissors becomes apparent. With Scissorfix, you can rest assured that we too understand this value, and will restore your scissors to the best possible cutting standard.