Essential scissor care

In visiting salons, it is clear to see that taking proper care of the tools of the trade is the single most important factor in maintaining a long working life of the scissors. Perhaps on a level with quality of blade materials, simple techniques to prevent damage to your scissors are crucial to ensure that scissor sharpening is kept to a minimum and scissor life is extended.
The primary aid which the hairdresser can use to look after their scissors is the scissor pouch or case. Using a dedicated storage case, or scissor holster will protect those delicate blade edges from damage longer. In most salons I visit, it is common to see the scissors lying on countertops, which invariably leads to them being knocked about and knocked to the ground. Given the extremely fine edges on top scissors, it requires very little abuse before the hairdresser encounters problems when cutting. Using a case is a great way to prevent edge or point damage. At Scissorfix, we stock a range of scissor cases and holsters.
Proper cleaning is also important. At least one a day the scissors should be cleaned with warm soapy water and dried thoroughly. Make sure the area around the screw is clean, as hair and dirt can build up here. A few times per week, the scissor should get a few drops of scissor lubricant oil in this area. Apply the oil when the scissor blades are open and open and close them a few times to allow the oil to penetrate to the screw.
Check the scissor tension regularly. Although scissor tension is commonly set to individual preference, tension which is too tight will cause aggressive wearing of the blade edge, while tension which is too loose will cause poor cutting, and pushing of the hair. A simple test for tension is to hold the scissors with the points upwards open the blades ninety degrees and let them swing closed with gravity. The blades should close to within approximately three quarters of the length of the blade if the tension is correct.
If there is a problem such as after a fall etc, it is vital to get professional help as soon as possible, as what my seem a small issue such as a nick on the blade can quickly deteriorate into a bigger one if the scissors are continued to be used. At Scissorfix, we can give your scissors the attention they need to perform to their optimum levels for the lifetime of the scissors.