About scissorfix

Our business is in the professional sharpening and servicing of hairdressing scissors, whether convex or bevel edged. We began this business after realising that in Ireland particularly, there was a real lack of quality and accountability with hairdressing scissor sharpening. On many occasions, we discovered that the stylist was reluctant to sharpen their scissors, or did not believe this was possible, due to a poor experience in the past.

With this in mind, the goal was clear, to provide the best service possible, using the correct techniques and equipment. We use only flat honing equipment as used in the Japanese sharpening systems, recognised worldwide as the benchmark for scissor edge quality. There are no bench grinders or other tools used, which have resulted in many of the horror stories we have heard from stylists.

So if you value your scissors and require them to keep them working at their best, or simply require a new pair, you can be confident that Scissorfix can help you. Contact us today.